What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

I co-own a frozen yogurt joint, SoYo Yogurt Shoppe. Spoons down, we are the best in town. Part of what makes us the best is that we make our own flavors. Pouring out of the carton may be good enough for some people, but we believe our customers deserve a bit more than that. Therefore, we customize our flavors to be unique as they are.

I recently attended a meeting with The Chariot Group’s Sales Team and had an epiphany…they do the same thing!

But instead of edible ingredients, the Sales team creates super cool (aka customized) collaborative solutions to meet the unique needs of K-12, Higher Education and/or Enterprise clients.


This past weekend, I was at the shoppe and I met with a few guests who wanted me to make them something special. I interviewed them to learn about the types of foods they enjoy, what food allergies or sensitivities they may have, what textures they like or don’t like, and what they have imagined would be the ideal dessert. From this information, I do a little research and put together a few liquid “potions” for them to try.


The Chariot Group’s Sales Team does the same thing with clients. They take the time to learn what the clients want to do, what constraints there may be, what the ideal situation would be, etc. secretThis group of trusted advisors uses Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Streaming, HDMI, Signal Distribution, Software, Lecture Capture, Displays, or some other special piece of equipment/software to make the ideal arrangement.

And, just like syrups, powders, purees and other ingredients take on a life of their own once mixed, whipped and frozen, each tech product take on a life of its own. Some will operate a tad bit differently if used in a certain way and each solution may or may not need a special recipe to integrate well with another. The Sales team knows the special sauce; they know what works well and what can be problematic so their clients need not worry about a thing.


Once I’ve developed the first batch of gourmet deliciousness, I invite the guest to come in and and let me know what they think of it. It could be too tart, too sweet, not spicy enough, missing something, has too much of something, etc. The guests try it and offer me feedback. I make adjustments and try again. When the guest is satisfied and can “imagine” it being perfect when frozen, he/she gets to name the flavor and we plan the “debut date.”


Again, the Chariot Group’s Sales Team does something similar. They work with clients to design the space to the client’s specifications and, collaboratively, meet with the client to make sure the end product appears to be what was imagined.


SoYo’s guests are across the globe different. The ones I met this past weekend were all over the board. One liked spicy sweet, one liked anything with nuts, one was a fruit lover, and one only liked simply milk chocolate concoctions. One had food allergies allergies and another really struggled with imagining anything super duper special and unique. (He thought he was being innovative when he asked for a blue color in regular vanilla…bless his heart!)

You, and the numerous other business owners, managers, team leads, and trainers are just like SoYo’s guests! You are all different and some of you can’t imagine the possibilities of what technology can do to improve your communication and collaboration.

Thankfully, the Chariot Group’s Sales Team is creative, resourceful, steadfast and knowledgeable. Like me when I make the perfect dessert for someone, this team is committed to learning about and building the perfect room for you. They would never consider “pouring out of the carton” so they design and install unique and specialized rooms because you are worth it.


trusted advisorWithout a doubt, this team knows the ins and outs of these complicated products more than anyone, and because they know how the different pieces and parts combine to form a complete system, they can offer solutions and insight that the individual manufacturers cannot.

I know this team commits to knowing you – how you like to work, how you need to work, what is available to you, or what is probable for you. I know this team takes full ownership of the solution, and are in it for the long haul when things don’t go as planned. I know this team appreciates the investment of resources that go into your spaces and, likewise, this team respects the significance of getting the most out of your investment.


Thanks for sticking with me through my silly correlation between frozen yogurt and The Chariot Group. I couldn’t help but make the connection between what I try to do at the froyo shoppe and what the Chariot Group Sales Team successfully does for you and your business.


I’m lucky to know these folks and if you met them, I think you’d find they are an impressive group of resources! Allow me to introduce you, albeit virtually.

Bill Barnes

Jose Cazares

Heather Cortez

Mark van Hilten

Bob Jackman

Dan Johnson

Mark Mailloux

Sharon Schaurgaard

Jeff Shutt

If you have the chance to meet them in person, do it!

And if you want to have a tasty treat while you meet, I know of a great little frozen yogurt shoppe that would welcome your presence.





Heather Kinzie

Heather serves as the Director of Consulting Services for The Strive Group. Bringing more than 20 years of organizational and workforce performance experience with her, she knows all too well that ineffective communication and collaboration often hinder business success. She recognizes there is a plethora of hardware and software solutions/tools available and is determined to learn as much about them as possible while sharing physical offices with her sister company, The Chariot Group. Join Heather as she shares her “ah ha” moments in her blog, “From Here to Epiphany” and gain from her other insights into how you, your team or your organization can better improve team and organizational performance. Read Heather's full bio.

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