What Happens If My SMART Subscription Expires?

Two years ago SMART Technologies changed the way they license their software. They moved to a subscription model, much like many other software companies have done. The benefit of this model is that it provides regular income that can be invested in further developing that software, which is why SMART has done such a great job of regularly updating their software with improvements and new features.

This is great for the customer with a subscription because they are getting great value for their money. But what happens when a subscription expires? This comes up most often with schools that used end of the year money to purchase a multiple year subscription that is now coming up for renewal and they forgot to allocate for it in this year’s budget. They will have the funds set aside next year and can renew in the fall, but until then they ask: What happens when the subscription expires? Will my SMART Boards just stop working all together?

The good news is your SMART Board will still work when your subscription expires. Notebook will continue to function and you will still have access to what you have created. This will get you by until you can budget for the subscription to take advantage of all the time saving and engaging features that have been added.

However, some of the new premium features will either work in read-only mode or won’t launch until your subscription is renewed. Here is a quick list of those features and their status when your subscription expires:


  • Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) – runs existing activities but can’t edit or create new
  • Geogebra – runs existing activities but can’t launch new activities
  • SMART Blocks – runs existing pages with blocks but can’t add new blocks
  • YouTube – runs existing videos but can’t search for or add new videos
  • Concept Mapping – runs existing pages with concepts maps but can’t create new maps
  • Lesson Recorder – plays existing recordings but can’t create new recordings

Won’t Launch

  • Kapp
  • Maestro
  • SMART Response (VE) – does not allow web-based assessments (Clicker assessments still work)

Bob Jackman

Bob Jackman is a native of Utah. He graduated with a BA in Music Performance with a teaching certificate from Southern Utah University. Bob taught at Fort Herriman Middle School for four years teaching instrumental music. During that time he earned a Masters of Music from the University of Utah. He spent two years providing Microsoft operating system technical support and 7 years providing technology support for teachers to help them more efficiently use technology to help students learn. This was done while he was in college and while teaching in Herriman. Bob loves technology and education and is excited to put the two together and help teachers use technology to improve student learning. Bob Jackman is an Account Manager at The Chariot Group, Inc.

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