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2016 Collaboration Showcase

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Have you ever gone to a craft bazaar, art exhibit or car show and totally underestimated the time you’d spend browsing around? That’s what happened to me last month during The Chariot Group’s 2nd annual Collaboration Showcase. Goodness, there was a…

12 Ways to Successfully Manage the Remote Worker

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular and companies who have mastered “managing” them are enjoying increases to efficiencies and productivity! In addition, they see significant decreases in costs associated with overhead, travel, etc. My previous article, “8 Ways to Support the Remote Worker”…

Video “Content” Made Easy; Part Two

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Last week, I wrote a post about Mediasite from the content producer/generator perspective. Specifically, from someone who is responsible for training and instructing others. As a consultant who has developed and presented training modules for years, I really appreciated what…