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SMART Meeting Pro: Full Whiteboard Mode

Meeting Pro Full Whiteboard

SMART Meeting Pro is a great tool for presentations and collaboration. Full Whiteboard mode offer benefits for both purposes. While giving a presentation in Meeting Pro, entering Full Whiteboard mode eliminates distractions, making the presentation more visible and clean. While collaborating with…

SMART Meeting Pro: Bookmarks

Meeting Pro Bookmarks

In a previous post I provided a brief introduction to SMART Meeting Pro. In this post I am going to introduce a feature that will take your meetings to the next level: Bookmarks. Bookmarks expand both presentation and collaboration capabilities. They do this by allowing you to set…

SMART Meeting Pro

SMART Meeting Pro Handout

I have done quite a few posts about SMART Notebook software and how it can be used effectively in the classroom. This time I would like to write about another software from SMART, one that is designed to be used…