SMART Sync and the future of classroom management…

So now that Sync is available for Macs teachers can now manage computer-enable classrooms much more easily. There have always been software packages to do this, of course (like Apple Remote Desktop), but there is a lot to be said about simplicity. It would be nice if teachers could send, receive, monitor, disseminate content, and support learning from a central device over an entire classroom… enter Sync.

If you haven’t seen it already, check it out:

So what is the next step? Perhaps this software will allow for the integration of the iPad or similar devices… What do you think?!


Samuel Bourgeois

Sam has been a certified teacher for six years, four of which he worked in the Southwest Region School District where he was honored as Teacher of the Year. Sam has positioned himself over the years in various classrooms and through a variety of subject areas as a general technology expert. As a full time teacher in Togiak, AK Sam challenged students with multimedia assignments, multi-genre projects, and culturally infused technology-enhanced instruction. Teaching in the ‘Bush’ has convinced Sam that any divide, whether cultural or geographic, can be bridged through technology. As the Educational Technology Coordinator for the Lower Yukon School District, he is an Office and iLife/iWork expert, skilled content and curriculum developer, and dedicated researcher.

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