SMART Notebook 14.3 Release!

Notebook 14.3Holding true to their promise of quarterly updates containing new features, SMART has released the latest version of its popular SMART Notebook software. Below you will find a summary of new and improved features as well as some information on the various versions of Notebook Software. As always, when SMART comes out with a new version it will show up right away on the Check for Updates tool. You will need to download and install it. See the bottom of this post for links to download the software.

New Features

Link to Tool – Allows you to link an object to a tool so that a student can click a picture of a pen on a full screen page to activate the pen tool.

Lesson Recorder – Similar to the old Page Recording. Allows you to record actions on a page to be saved in that page.

Improved Features

Page Sorter – Cut or copy and paste pages within your file.

Text Pen – Change the color of editable text.

Locked Objects – Lock an object and limit movement to vertical or horizontal.

Screen Shade – Change the color of the screen shade.

Picture Transparency – Resize the box to make it easier to work with.

Find more information on these and other features that have been added over the last year by checking out the tutorial file in SMART Notebook. When you install Notebook 14.3 and open Notebook for the first time a tutorial file pops up to tell you about all the new features. To access this tutorial file again click on Help (on the menu bar) and then SMART Notebook Tutorial.

What version do I install?

I often get asked what version of SMART Notebook should be installed. Here are two factors to consider:

Notebook Advantage – When you buy a SMART product that includes Notebook software, it includes one year of free updates. After that you need to be on SMART’s maintenance program called SMART Advantage. As long as you have an active SMART Advantage license you are entitled to all software updates as well as live phone support and access to server-based features such as SMART Response. There is a fee for SMART Advantage after the first year, so see your local reseller for information. It is not very expensive, especially if you get the site license.

Computer OS – Mac has come out with a new operating system every year for the past four years. These updates can cause compatibility issues with Notebook software, so I have prepared the following infographic to help you know what version to install:

Notebook Versions

Mac Notebook Versions:

Mac OS 10.5 – Notebook 10.8
Mac OS 10.6 – Notebook 11.1
ac OS 10.7-10.9 without Advantage – Notebook 11.4
Mac OS 10.7 with Advantage – Notebook 14.2
Mac OS 10.8-10.10 with Advantage – Notebook 14.3

Windows Notebook Versions:

Windows XP – Notebook 11.4
Windows Vista – Notebook 11 SP1
Windows 7-8.1 without Advantage – Notebook 11.4
Windows 7-8.1 with Advantage – Notebook 14.3



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