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I have done quite a few posts about SMART Notebook software and how it can be used effectively in the classroom. This time I would like to write about another software from SMART, one that is designed to be used in a business center. SMART Meeting Pro is a simple, easy-to-use whiteboarding program that is perfect for meetings, administration, higher education, and a variety of other settings that don’t require the advanced features of Notebook.

Among the best features of SMART Meeting Pro are the unbound workspace, screen capture, and SMART Ink, which allows you to write over any application. Here is a video created by SMART that demonstrates all those great features:

Higher Education

SMART Meeting Pro fits great into higher education environments. The simple to use interface allows professors to easily switch between PowerPoint and an endless whiteboard that can be saved as a PDF and shared with students. Its simplicity of use allows professors to be proficient with minimal training.

Conference Rooms

SMART Meeting Pro makes the conference room immensely more effective. The unbound workspace allows for collaboration without the limits of traditional whiteboards. This includes the ability to zoom in and out as well as share instantly as a PDF. No more taking a blurry cell phone picture of the whiteboard! PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets can be displayed, and a quick screen capture brings any content into the whiteboard space for easy annotation and collaboration.

Training Rooms

Training rooms are easily amplified by the presence of Meeting Pro. The ability to change quickly from company-specific software or websites to a whiteboard, and the ability to annotate over any program, makes for a much more engaging training experience. Students can easily follow the instructor through the use of the annotations.

SMART Meeting Pro greatly enhances meetings in conference rooms, training rooms, and in higher education classrooms. This versatile software is easy to use and easy to implement in just about any setting. To help you with using SMART Meeting Pro, we have created the following handout to accompany your SMART Board:

SMART Meeting Pro Handout
Meeting Pro Handout


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