Kapp – italizing on Collaboration!

Imagine you’re a Home Mortgage Loan Originator. Your job, your sole purpose, is to help individuals qualify for a home. Often you are the first individual that a buyer meets with to see how much home they can afford. Your objective is to collect the information needed, place the numbers into the computer and communicate the information back to the house hunters. Meeting RoomOften this communication happens in the form of a conversation. Buyers typically walk out with little evidence of their buying power, only a target price range in their head.
Now imagine the same meeting taking place with SMART kapp™. Ideas can be sketched out, captured, saved and viewed on a personal digital device such as a smart phone. Buyers leave with more confidence and a great impression of a tech savvy Loan Originator. Competing for business is hard but SMART kapp™ allows you to make a lasting impression and really stand out when those buyers find their dream home.

The day of the dry erase board has evaporated! 21st century companies need the simplicity of a dry erase board coupled with the ability to save, share, and allow remote access. The solution needs to be affordable, easy to adopt, and use in an age where collaboration is key to organizational success.

Huddle RoomsInnovative companies are creating and sprinkling Huddle Rooms throughout their office space as a way to encourage collaboration, improve productivity and provide their employees with environments where ideas and creativity will flourish.
Huddle Rooms typically provide:
*Display (s), power and internet access
*Movable chairs and work surfaces
*White boards or white board walls

SMART kappTo maximize the effectiveness of Huddle Room activity, participants need features that allow real-time communication and uninterrupted continuation of the work once participants return to their desk or office. With SMART kapp™ users write, draw, diagram and brainstorm using ink markers just as they would with a dry-erase board. But with SMART kapp™, co-workers and clients can follow the process in real-time, where everything appears as if by magic on their own digital devices. The work is simply saved with SMART’s advanced software and can even be converted to PDFs or JPEGs to easily share with anyone, anywhere, instantly. No more blurry photos of your whiteboard content!

If you know how to use a dry erase board you know how to use SMART kapp™. Just switch it on, pick up SMART kapp™’s dry-erase pens and start recording, drawing, or planning just like you’ve been doing for years.

Wirelessly connect your digital device to SMART kapp™ and you are ready to go. Notes from SMART kapp™ appear in real-time on your device as well as remote participant’s computers, tablets or smart phones anywhere in the world. It’s truly that simple.

Project TeamThe Project Team Leader in the photo to the left could surely also use SMART kapp™! His responsibility is to ensure his team has all the necessary information about the job and work responsibilities in order to avoid costly mistakes or delivery delays. With SMART kapp™, each team member can carry the notes and specs from the morning meeting on his or her mobile device, referring to them as necessary.

Kapp™- italizing on collaboration opportunities
– It’s really this easy!

SMART kapp

Mark Mailloux, Heather Cortez, and Bob Jackman contributed to this article.


Dale Cope

Born and raised in Alaska, Dale has 25 years of experience working in K-12 education in Washington and Alaska as a teacher, high school principal, district administrator, and consultant. Her skills include grant and technical writing, mentoring and coaching, and professional development. Dale's experience in business includes work for Weyerhaeuser Company, Central Bank of Denver, Landmark Escrow in Honolulu, and Alaska Title Guaranty Company. Dale has a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership and Business Administration from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and holds an M. Ed. in Curriculum Development from the University of Puget Sound. Her B.S. degree is in Foods and Nutrition, and Communications, earned at Oregon State University.

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