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I have been very curious lately about GBL… It is a bit controversial and perhaps hard to swallow as a certified teacher and graduate from an accredited college of education. As I dug deeper into what defines GBL, the basis of psychology, and pedagogical implementation techniques, I realized this was an amazing opportunity to alter the way I look at education! I have been reading up on the research of Dr. James Gee and following many a blog on the subject. Basically it boils down to individualized acquisition of knowledge and skills through an engaging and adaptive digital environment. Those are my words, of course, so I could be way off!

If I am, please comment below! We need open discourse and a collaborative meaningful discussion to learn as educators, right?!

Okay, so if you are a newbie to the subject here are some resources to get you started:

shoyulearning blog

sciencegeekgirl blog

HechingerEd blog


Samuel Bourgeois

Sam has been a certified teacher for six years, four of which he worked in the Southwest Region School District where he was honored as Teacher of the Year. Sam has positioned himself over the years in various classrooms and through a variety of subject areas as a general technology expert. As a full time teacher in Togiak, AK Sam challenged students with multimedia assignments, multi-genre projects, and culturally infused technology-enhanced instruction. Teaching in the ‘Bush’ has convinced Sam that any divide, whether cultural or geographic, can be bridged through technology. As the Educational Technology Coordinator for the Lower Yukon School District, he is an Office and iLife/iWork expert, skilled content and curriculum developer, and dedicated researcher.

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    Sam Bourgeois
    June 13, 2011 at 8:13 am

    I am so happy you liked it! I feel like many teachers equate games with non-Acedemic… Not as serious, though troublesome nonetheless, some teachers equate Jeopardy or crossword puzzles with game-based learning… Happy to know you are reading our blog, please offer feedback whenever you can! (In any language you like)

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