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Video “Content” Made Easy: Part Three

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Earlier this month, I wrote two posts re: Mediasite; I called them “Content Management Made Easy.” Part One was written from the trainer’s perspective and then, the following week, I posted Part Two, which was from the user’s perspective. Today I’ll take a stab at telling…

Video “Content” Made Easy; Part Two

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Last week, I wrote a post about Mediasite from the content producer/generator perspective. Specifically, from someone who is responsible for training and instructing others. As a consultant who has developed and presented training modules for years, I really appreciated what…

SMART Meeting Pro: Bookmarks

Meeting Pro Bookmarks

In a previous post I provided a brief introduction to SMART Meeting Pro. In this post I am going to introduce a feature that will take your meetings to the next level: Bookmarks. Bookmarks expand both presentation and collaboration capabilities. They do this by allowing you to set…