Author: Heather Kinzie

Heather serves as the Director of Consulting Services for The Strive Group. Bringing more than 20 years of organizational and workforce performance experience with her, she knows all too well that ineffective communication and collaboration often hinder business success. She recognizes there is a plethora of hardware and software solutions/tools available and is determined to learn as much about them as possible while sharing physical offices with her sister company, The Chariot Group. Join Heather as she shares her “ah ha” moments in her blog, “From Here to Epiphany” and gain from her other insights into how you, your team or your organization can better improve team and organizational performance. Read Heather's full bio.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I had the pleasure of attending the Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) conference last week. This conference is typically attended by Technical Directors and Superintendents of the many Alaskan districts and offers sessions regarding technology in the classroom.   The…

Noise – The Principal Matters

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I’ve been learning about voice amplification systems this past week and have written two posts about them, one from the parents/students perspective and one from the educator’s perspective. I’ve had the pleasure of being on both of those sides and…

Leadership Is Not Comfortable

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I was eavesdropping on the The Chariot Group (TCG) Sales Team the other day and a few of them were having a conversation about a potential client, a nonprofit organization, and what the leadership team was struggling with in terms of purchasing…

New Year’s Resolutions

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

It’s the last week in January and I find myself wondering about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. I see the crowded parking lots at the gym and I wonder if the people there have always been gym rats or has the…

Toys Need To Be Played With

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I finally got around to unpacking two Christmas presents this past weekend. Lest you think I was ungrateful for these gifts, please know I am not. They were from “Santa” and considering I am the woman in the jolly man’s costume, these…

Video “Content” Made Easy: Part Three

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Earlier this month, I wrote two posts re: Mediasite; I called them “Content Management Made Easy.” Part One was written from the trainer’s perspective and then, the following week, I posted Part Two, which was from the user’s perspective. Today I’ll take a stab at telling…