Author: Heather Kinzie

Heather serves as the Director of Consulting Services for The Strive Group. Bringing more than 20 years of organizational and workforce performance experience with her, she knows all too well that ineffective communication and collaboration often hinder business success. She recognizes there is a plethora of hardware and software solutions/tools available and is determined to learn as much about them as possible while sharing physical offices with her sister company, The Chariot Group. Join Heather as she shares her “ah ha” moments in her blog, “From Here to Epiphany” and gain from her other insights into how you, your team or your organization can better improve team and organizational performance. Read Heather's full bio.

2016 Collaboration Showcase

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Have you ever gone to a craft bazaar, art exhibit or car show and totally underestimated the time you’d spend browsing around? That’s what happened to me last month during The Chariot Group’s 2nd annual Collaboration Showcase. Goodness, there was a…

Get Out Of The Way

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I have had a mentor for nearly 20 years and, while I moved nearly 1000 miles away from him about two years into our mentoring relationship, we continued. We didn’t do this by flying back and forth; we used collaborative technology. At the time, “collaborative…

The Ah-Ha Moment Accelerated

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

I am a member of the consulting community; I have been for over 10 years. While I started as a Human Resources consultant, I eventually moved into the “Organizational Performance” arena. What this means is I focused on helping my clients improve the performance…

Pedagogy and the Art of Technology

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Pedagogy…that’s a fun word to say, even if you pronounce it wrong.  It means the art, science or profession of teaching. Webster says you pronounce it “pe-də-ˌgō-jē” unless you’re British. (Let’s face it, if you’re British, you can pronounce pedagogy any…

Developing a Collaborative Culture

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Two weeks ago, I published a piece on the difference between an “information sharing” culture and a “collaborative” culture. I called it Sharing Information on Collaboration. In that post, I wrote, “The purpose of an information sharing event is just…

Developing an Information Sharing Culture

From Here to Epiphany with Heather Kinzie

Last week, I wrote a post called, “Sharing Information on Collaboration” in which I presented my thoughts on the differences between sharing information and truly engaging in collaborative communication. In that post, I suggested that two types of cultures…a information sharing culture…