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When I was in college, one of my part time jobs was selling stereo and video equipment for a big box store in Northern Baltimore.

I hated that job. Not only did I have to wear a dress (I am not joking, the dress code policy at the time was that women sales associates must wear skirts or dresses) but I also had to “upsell” service maintenance agreements on every piece of equipment I sold.

I found the concept of a service maintenance agreement easy to grasp and would have been happy to sell one each and every time I sold a receiver, pair of speakers, VCR, etc. However, the service department was horrible so I hated suggesting my customers spend their money on it.

I see the total opposite in The Chariot Group’s Service Center!

Unlike the yahoos working with the big box store at the time, The Chariot Group Service Center employees talk about what more they can do to add value for the client, how they can heighten the client experience, and how they improve themselves and their work.


Thinking of the that comparison makes me think of another position I held. Upon college graduation, I was offered an entry level training position for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. One day, this thing called “email” was installed. Management assumed, because of my age, I would intuitively understand how this crazy thing worked and askservicesed if I’d be a resource for others. The result was that 50% of my job became the equivalent of “help desk” work. I enjoyed the vicarious learning that came along with this “other duty as assigned.”

I learned all about the organization…what employees did, what problems they had, how they did their work, etc.

As I watch The Chariot Group Service Center employees, I realize they, too, learn a lot about various business operations.

During a phone call, they’ll hear about what type of work goes on in these rooms, how this work affects other work further down in the process stream, etc. They’ll learn who has become proficient with the use of the equipment, who is still lagging behind, who wants more equipment and who wants to return to the dark ages.

This information may seem inconsequential to you but trust me, it’s invaluable when it comes to providing good phone support. Likewise, it is handy when other types of service such as on-site maintenance, troubleshooting and/or replacement need to happen.

  • The Service Center employees know that Tuesdays and Wednesdays aren’t good days to have on-site work because Marsha, your power user, uses the room quite a bit on those days.
  • The Service Center employees suggest we install the microphones in two weeks because they know your project team is out of the office training during that time.
  • The Service Center employees know that disabling one piece of equipment is going to negatively affect Gary if he needs to work with Susan from up north that week.

My point is this, the Service Center employees commit to learning all of this stuff about you because it helps them provide the service you deserve.

The Chariot Group Service Center provides a host of services to ensure you can continue to connect people and ideas:

  • Service Maintenance Agreements (full spectrum, labor only, remote, and phone support)
    Technology is no different than your new vehicle; it needs regular maintenance and support to keep it working in the manner in which it was intended.service
  • Dedicated on-site support (think of it as one of us consistently being where you are)
    Just like with telecom, accounts payable or human resources, organizations often reach a point where it’s more efficient to have someone regularly onsite.
  • System Design and Programming
    Audiovisual technology, collaborative/interactive software and hardware, and system controls are complicated things; the “magic” behind the curtain must be performed by certified and knowledgeable professionals or the equipment simply won’t work effectively.
  • Training
    Plug and play is possible but sometimes, even the easy systems are overwhelming for a given user. In addition, complex systems may overwhelm even the power users when they first put their hands on them! Having expert resources available to train your team on getting the most out of your investment is invaluable.

You invested in something you hoped improved your communication and engagement at work.

Let The Chariot Group Service Center ensure you realize a return on that investment!


Heather Kinzie

Heather serves as the Director of Consulting Services for The Strive Group. Bringing more than 20 years of organizational and workforce performance experience with her, she knows all too well that ineffective communication and collaboration often hinder business success. She recognizes there is a plethora of hardware and software solutions/tools available and is determined to learn as much about them as possible while sharing physical offices with her sister company, The Chariot Group. Join Heather as she shares her “ah ha” moments in her blog, “From Here to Epiphany” and gain from her other insights into how you, your team or your organization can better improve team and organizational performance. Read Heather's full bio.

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